Don't Eat The Fish, There's Mercury In The South River

48x56” Tar, Acrylic, Maps, Metal, Concrete, Shellac on Wood

The Waynesboro DuPont plant stopped dumping mercury in the South River
in the 1950s. The levels of mercury in river wildlife have remained consistent
since then. DuPont denied wrongdoing due to assumptions at the time that
the mercury would dissipate, arguing it was common practice and not their
responsibility. In 2018, they were charged $50 million to restore the river.
It remains the fifth-largest environmental disaster in US history, with an
indefinite fish ban.
Lascaux In Tar

16x20” Tar, Acrylic, Shellac on Canvas

The Lascaux Cave Paintings are no longer publicly accessible due to
heightened decomposition from viewers emissions. Exact replicas have been
built in their place. Human's very presence destroys, but our simulacrums are
Convergence of North and South Fork Rivers - Shenandoah Valley
12x16” Acrylic, Tar, Shellac on Canvas

A detailed map of the convergence of North and South Fork Rivers near
Waynesboro, VA. Without any reference points or legend, this expressionist,
yet accurate map is unnavigable. Yet it still evokes the sweeping and majestic
nature of our local rivers.

You Make A Map

16x20” Acrylic, Tar, Joint Compound, Shellac, Polywax, Enamel on Masonite

This is a material study in how different compounds interact. Following the
contours of an abstracted landscape based on the Shenandoah Valley, I
investigate how disparate chemicals replicate larger natural systems on a
miniature scale.
A Cemented Plan

24x30” Acrylic, Cement, Tar, Enamel, Plastic, Shellac on Canvas

Earth’s stratigraphy will reflect the fossil’s of our cities, the mining for
resources, and chemical compositions never before present. Using materials
that will exist far beyond their intended purpose, this work symbolizes what
future geologists might see
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