Plastic Landscapes

Plastic bags stretched over metal armature
When Humans Used Fossil Fuels, They Transformed The Earth

40x40x40” Wood, Maps, Acrylic, Tar, Shellac

Using 1950s gasoline station maps and advertisements, I imagine what future generations might make of our incessant consumption of non-renewable resources and attachment to primitive technologies. This sculpture delicately hangs and gently undulates as viewers move past, reflecting presence as movement. 
Untitled #1

55x72” Canvas, Plastic, Tar, Shellac, Acrylic, Enamel on Steel Frame

This double-sided freestanding metal frame is draped in rigid canvas and
plastic trash bags. It’s an exploration in alternative painting and sculpture, as
well as an exercise in welding.
A World Of Plastic And Metal

24x24x24” Welded Steel Rod, Plastic, Enamel

Plastic islands and new metal composites are markers of the human epoch.
This is my personal grappling with how to navigate my role in this new world.
The metal wire frame allows interaction and can be rolled, tossed, or kicked.
The interior soft plastic protrudes through the rigid exoskeleton, rendering it
a highly tactile sculpture. This is a study for a larger outdoor work promoting
spontaneous play with the refuse entombing us.

The Maps Are Fraying

Wood, Maps, Canvas, Epoxy

Old maps on canvas stretched over a wooden frame appear strained as the
canvas frays to reveal a gridded structure holding it together. This was made
in response to Earth System Models and whether striving to
inject balance is a flawed endeavor.
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